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written by Tom Brannon, Founder and President of Brannon Electronics, Inc.

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Cross Conduction Inhibit in Switching Power Supplies
Push-Pull DC to DC Converter
Self-Oscillating DC to DC Converter
Status Inputs using Serial Link
4 Phase Clock Generator
Flexible V to F Converter
10Hz Low Pass Filter-Spice as a Design Aid
Standard 1 % Resistance Values
Pspice Simulation Tip #1-Managing Power Supply Voltage
I2C Isolation Barrier
PIC C-Code for Digital Pots


ELECTRONIC DESIGN TIPS   Some of the reprinted articles along with some new topics to be presented on this page.

Topics currently planned:

  • Keeping Analog and Digital Grounds Separate
  • Parametric Simulation for Tuned Amplifier
  • Various PIC microcontroller C-code routines
  • Pspice simulation tips
  • Typical notes for PC Board Fabrication

Also available soon:

  • Custom OrCad Capture Symbols
  • Custom OrCad Layout Libraries
  • PCI interface card with PIC processor and support code

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