Established in 1983   BRANNON ELECTRONICS, INC.


Board Layout
Circuit Design
Design Tips



Key Benefits

  • Years of Circuit Design Experience in various Industries
  • Circuit Design, System Firmware, and PC Layout
  • Rapid turn around for Circuit Design and PC Board Layout
  • Analog and Digital design


  • Design of low level analog circuits and high accuracy analog  circuits.
  • Design of low frequency and high frequency analog circuits.
  • Design of micro-processors, DSP and digital logic circuits
  • Design of linear and non-linear circuits.
  • High speed logic, PLD logic and low power circuits.
  • PIC Microcontroller Firmware
  • Analog Simulation and circuit optimization
  • Embedded designs
  • Design review
  • Analog Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • PLC Systems
  • Relay Ladder Logic
  • State Machines
  • C Programming
  • Assembly Programming


Certified Instructor for Pspice, Layout, and Capture

Design Examples

 Power Supplies-high voltage, linear and switching, CPU cards, Memory cards, Keyboard Interfaces, Disk Controllers, CRT controllers, Tank Gauge Systems, Battery Chargers, Modems, Modems Interfaces, Cable Testers, I/O cards  (analog and digital), Complete RTU's, Printers, Filters, Stepper Motor Controllers, Back EMF and PLL Motor Controllers, Electrometers, Current and Voltages sources, D/A and A/D Converter Circuits, V/F Converters, VCO's, Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection Systems, Linear and Non-linear Circuits , Flow Computers, Gas Chromatographs, Oxygen monitors and controllers, Temperature monitors and controllers, humidity sensors, racon, gradiometers, communication controllers, Drivers for Burn-In Testing, Quadrature Detection circuits, PC Interface cards(AT and PCI), Filter networks, Tuned circuits, DSP systems, Sorting systems, Ultrasonic detection,  Infrared systems, Audio circuits, Hi-power PWM circuits, and low power consumption circuits, Vacuum tube and Solid State amplifier design, audio equipment design, Engine Controls and monitoring, Medical Products, Control equipment, and Custom Guitar Effect Pedals.


Diagnostic Circuit Protection Device # 5452173  22 claims granted
Self Verifying Temperature Sensor # 5713668  8 claims granted
Self Verifying Temperature Sensor # 5887987  33 claims granted


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